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Blabomb (alpha version)

The perfect game for your social meetings! Choose the hottest topics and put your friends on the spot. But keep your guard up, because they may return the favor... Don't get lost for words!

Magnets (alpha version)

Magnets is pure attraction! Two full games gathered in a unique experience which will catch you with simple, dynamic mechanics and a message that won't leave you indifferent. Will obstacles be stronger than you? Try yourself!

Welcome to
Dew Games!

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A project of the nature of Dew Games, focused entirely on creating video games, needs video games to stay alive. Sounds logic, right? That's why I decided to face a hard entreprise: start this project with five published games. It's a real challenge for a single person, but that's exactly the idea! If you want to check how the #DewChallenge is going and know about my upcoming video games, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. If you share this to your friends, you will also contribute to make me a bit more visible and help this project keep going for a little longer. Ideas are already there, just waiting to be real. And you can make it possible. Welcome to the #DewChallenge and thank you so much for your support!

The art of gaming

A video game can be serious and still entertaining. That's the core idea behind Dew Games, a project without great aspirations, but one firm goal: risking with alternative games which don't fit the stigmatized opinion that many people still have on this industry. It's said that video games are not serious compared to other media dedicated to culture and entertainment, like cinema or literature. Video games are way underrated as a cultural or artistic product, and that's the aspect I would like to change in my video games. Dew Games was born as an expression of art, but always keeping in mind that a good video game needs to be entertaining. Dew Games can be considered therefore like a humble contribution to the growing trend of treating gaming as what it really is –or should be: an art.

A one person project

Dew Games is the project of a person whose biggest hobby is the act of creating, at any of its strands. So far, I can say writing is the activity I have developped the most, thanks in part to the universe of The Lord of the Rings, which pushed my imagination when I was a teenager. However, video games made me discover something that literature or any other way of art just can't have: the possibility of giving life to your creations. For someone who loves metaphors and allegories, it's some kind of surprising that there have been so few attempts to take the most of all the possibilities that video games offer as a way to transmit concepts and ideas. The motivation to do this was the motor that led me to start this (crazy, so they say) project called Dew Games.

About the author

How to make a description? If I tell you that I'm 27 years old, you will know my age. That's a good starting point. And if I tell you that I was given my first gaming console at the age of 9, you will know I've been playing video games for more than 18 years. Two thirds of a short life. At that time, Pokémon promised me a whole "world of dreams and adventures" content in a screen so small that it just fitted in the palm of my hand. As a child who had barely got any contact with technology before, I now have to recognize something: it fulfilled all expectations for me.

However, it wasn't until my last year in the university when I started to feel some real interest in what was hidden behind those magic worlds. Before finishing my degree in Translation, I had to assist to a subject consisting on learning what things we should absolutely NOT change if we would translate a website or program with some code on it. That was how I did NOT learn the very basics of HTML programming and did NOT create a little archive of publications for my old blog (the content of this link is shown in Spanish).

Everything happened by chance then. While I was reading some news about video games, I found something called "Unity". Shortly after and thanks to an online tutorial, I created a side-scrolling 2D game. At that time, a good friend of mine mentioned me a course on 3D and video games. What happened later... well, I think you can guess.